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Created in 2017, this young luxury Italian house was designed in NY and manufactured in Italy, with the intention to represent an international business -chic profile. From small leather goods to backpack, the brand offer sophistication, design and quality trough unique pieces. 100% detail oriented and handcrafted in Tuscany, FRANCESCHINI ® selects the best Italian materials to offer an elevated experience to the consumer.




FRANCESCHINI ® was born in NY, 2016, by Alessandra Franceschini. Her inspiration came from her multicultural background where colors and shapes are the essence of her both Italian and Mexican cultures. Born and raised in the Principauté de Monaco, she acquired a sophisticated taste for fashion, which motivated her to create this brand. Graduated in Advertising and PR from Barcelona , she moved to NY for two years where she started her dream, in the city that makes everything possible. Nowadays she’s back in Europe planning the future of the company.

“Classy and business doesn’t need to be boring”. This brand was born to break rules and meant for young entrepreneurs who want to stand out the crowd.