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For FRANCESCHINI®, made in Italy means uniqueness, elegance and quality. All of our products are 100% handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany, selecting the best Italian materials.
As you explore them, you can see how much we care about details and functionality. In fact, these characteristics are part of the essence of the brand.
Our designs are sophisticated but simple at the same time. The brand’s intention is to offer the consumer a way to stand out at work through unique, colorful and minimal pieces.



Every product is cut, sewn and put together by hand.
It takes around two hours to handcraft our peculiar A28 THE BACKPACK
Diversity and irregularities make our products special and distinctive, as for the best Italian tradition of artisanal craftsmanship.
Our artisans count with years of experience acquired by family crafts traditions thought from one generation to another.
This advantage makes FRANCESCHINI® designs outstanding and luxurious.

FRANCESCHINI® materials have been carefully selected in order to be functional, lightweight and stylish for a daily business day.


Crude Canvas is our main and mostly our body material.

It is composed by a specifically selected nude-colored organic cotton, that has been through a coating process.

 This property makes our pieces water-resistant, scratch-resistant, lightweight, durable and easy to clean.

Selected Leather, on the other hand, is our finest vegetable dyed Italian quality, Grade A leather.

Each piece of leather is controlled by the most modern and efficient techniques, in full compliance with environmental and labor regulations.

Its particular texture makes our designs attractive and  remarkable


We believe Made In Italy stamp serves as an international by-word for unique quality and design.

Made in Italy represents the highest standards as expected of Italian manufacture. Following this merit, the care and selection of materials juxtaposed with our artisan’s way of work makes our products last and improve over time and stand out by the special attention we put into details.